Samara-Carrillo Phone Book

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samara info center directory   The Samara-Carrillo Info Center, We are the best at FREE CR Information, Reservations and Advertising.   Office: 2656-2424

red cross directory Custom   EMERGENCY 911,   Nicoya Red Cross 2685-5458

police directory   EMERGENCY 911,   Samara 2656-0436, Samara Tourist 2682-5332, Carrillo 2656-0866, Nicoya 2682-5216, Nicoya OIJ 2685-5328

fire department directory   EMERGENCY 911,   Fire department Nicoya 2641-0670

dr freddy directory   Dr. Freddy,   General practitioner,   2656-0992,   After hours emergency only 8302-2791 

dr freddy directory   Dr. Marisa,   Vet,   8328-5687

dr freddy directory   Dr. Shirley,   Dentist,   2656-0992,   After hours emergency only 8836-2318

red cross directory Custom   Wildlife Animal Rescue - 24 Hour Emergency,   2682-5049  *Not for dogs or cats


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a   A' Mozzarella Pizza,   restaurant,   8653-8380

a   Ahora Si,   restaurant,   2656-0741

alamo samara directory    Alamo Samara, The best car rental company in Costa Rica   Office: 2656-0958

bus directory   Alfaro Bus,   transportation,   Samara 2656-0261, Nicoya 2685-5032, San Jose 2222-2666

andys diving directory   Andy's Diving, Dive Master with over 4,500 dives offering lessons, discovery dives, and experienced.   8719-7856

angler stories directory   Angler Stories Costa Rica, near and offshore fishing amazing packages available, no bananas.   8456-7100

ara project directory   The ARA Project, Scarlett McCaw breeding program & tour, very educational and only 30 minutes from Samara.   8505-3336

arcr directory   ARCR - Association of Residents of Costa Rica, Costa Rica residency, legal services and more.   Office: 4052-4052

aya directory   AyA,   water company,   Samara 2656-0744, Cangrejal 2656-0241, Nicoya 2656-0241


bahia directory   Bahia Restaurant & Hotel,   Beachfront dining, French chef, Family friendly and fantastic sunsets.   2656-0106 

banco costa rica directory   Banco de Costa Rica,   Bank with ATM on the Main St., North side of the Samara futbol field.   Office: 2656-1169

banco nacional directory   Banco Nacional,   Bank with ATM on Bank St., across from Pali.   2656-0089

b   Bar Arriba,   bar,   8973-1618   

b   Bar Olas,   bar,   8696-1188

b    Barber Shop,   8859-6279

b   Barefoot Realty,   8711-8711

b   Belvedere Hotel,   accommodations,   2656-0213

b   Biergarten donde Lina Samara,   restaurant,   8663-6614

body mind soul directory   Body~Mind~Soul Massage & Yoga, daily morning yoga on the beach and private in-studio massages.   8645-7694

b   Bohemia Cafe,   restaurant,   8462-3872

buena vista bike rentals directory   Buena Vista Bike Rentals, New beach cruisers with baskets and locks, pick up or delivery in Samara,   6460-7365

b   Buenavista Sportfishing   8372-0818, 8372-0821

bufet william directory   Bufete Juarez y Asociados, for all your legal needs, home, car, corporate and family.   2656-0548


c   C&C,   surf school,   8817-2203

c   Carambola,   hostel,   8317-4414

cares outsourcing directory   Cares Outsourcing Accounting, all your business and personal accounting needs in Costa Rica.   8315-4752

carly coldwell banker directory   Carly Fleming Coldwell Banker Samara, years of professional real estate experience.   8915-9419

carrillo eco hike directory   Carrillo Eco Hike, an informative guided high in the hills above Playa Carrillo allowing you to get close to nature.   2656-0584

c   Carrillo Horse Tour,   Luis,   2656-2424

c   Casa Amarillo,   b&b,   2656-0850

c   Casa Ceiba,   VRBO,   8660-0226

c   Casa Coba,   hotel,   2656-0652

c   Casa del Mar,  hotel,   2656-0264

c   Casa Esmeraldas,   restaurant,   2656-0489

c   Casa La Chora,   hotel,   8648-3546

casa valeria new logo directory   Casa Valeria Hotel, Beachfront bungalows, private rooms, dorms, and restaurant,   2656-0511

c   Chez Nous,    Restaurant,   2656-0159

chocos surf directory   Choco's Surf School, lessons with great staff, visit other beaches for bigger wavers, kayak tours also available.   8937-5246

cocos mexican restaurant directory   Coco's Mexican Restaurant, More Mex than Tex with daily specials!  A fun and fantastic place to meet your friends.   2656-0665

c    Cocotales,   Store,   8807-0756

coldwell banker directory   Coldwell Banker Samara, the name you trust for your real estate needs, commercial, residential, lots and condos.   2656-0856

c  Colochos,   restaurant,   8796-6484

costa rica diveboarding directory   Costa Rica Dive-boarding, a fun underwater adventure combined with dolphin watching and snorkeling.   8361-5423

crie directory   Costa Rica Immigration Experts, professional residency services, your one stop for all your residency needs.   8373-2085

costa rica properties directory   Costa Rica Properties, a dedicated team to take care of your home with scheduled inspections-monthly reports.   8383-9333

crsmt directory   Costa Rica School of Massage Therapy, world-renowned massage school, this is where your new life begins.   2656-0491

crear directory   CREAR - Children Supplementary Education Program, helping children to grow up strong and independent.   8601-3079


d   Dona Lachuga,   veggies,   2656-1083

javi directory  Donde Javi Kayak Tours, river-mangrove, and ocean-snorkel kayak tours, personalized from mild to adventurous.   8533-2428

d   Dorado Hostel,   hostel,   2656-0145

dr freddy directory   Dr. Freddy Soto, Costa Rica and U.S. trained general practitioner has a full clinic in downtown Samara.   2656-0992

d   Dr. Shirley Segura,   dentist,   2656-0901   

drift massage directory   Drift Massage Therapy, professional relaxation, and therapeutic massages in a beachfront a studio treat yourself!   8373-2281


easyway directory   Easyway Golf Cart Rentals, Silent, Eco-Friendly, and fun to drive. Ask about coolers and hammocks too   8675-7048

eco adventura samara directory   Eco Aventura Samara, years of experience offering on-time transportation and amazing tours.   2656-0606

e   El Ancla,   restaurant, cabinas,   2656-0716

e   El Colibri,   restaurant, cabinas,   2656-0656

el lagarto directory   El Lagarto Steakhouse & Seafood restaurant, The most popular meat restaurant in Samara for lunch & dinner.   2656-0750

elio directory   Elio Taxi, legal and insured taxi service, professional and always on time.   Spanish: 8375-8303, English: 8706-7176

entre dos aguas directory   Entre dos Aguas, a relaxing hotel with comfortable rooms, large pool, lush gardens and lounging areas.    2656-0998

e   Esperanza,   hotel,   2656-0564

exclusive escapes directory   Exclusive Escape, looking for a vacation rental? available are homes and apartments both long and short term.   8898-8640

explore samara horse tours directory   Explore Samara Horse Tours, Ride on beaches, visit waterfalls, through jungles and over mountains.   8413-6030, 8447-4146


fabiola lopez directory   Fabiola Lopez Attorney at Law, corporations, real estate, car purchase, marriage, divorce or family law and wills.   2656-5962

farmacia samara directory   Farmacia Samara, the best pricing in town for all your prescription and over the counter needs.   2215-6093

f   Fenix Hotel,   hotel,   2656-0158

f   First Class Dog Groomer,   8394-5045

fishbird directory   Fishbird Design Studio, for print and internet, logos, illustrations, business cards, branding, advertisings and more.   

f   Flying Crocodile,   hotel,   2656-8048

flying taco directory   Flying Taco, the best tacos in Samara. Music, Dancing, Games night and more.   8409-5376

franks logo directory   Frank's Secret Beer Garden, sports bar, and restaurant, daily specials, happy hour, live music, poker.   8710-4802

franks wines directory   Frank's Fine Wines & Spirits, The best selection in Samara and the best prices.   8710-4802

francisco directory   Francisco Tours, see the dolphins, snorkel and maybe even fish, enjoy your time on the water.   2656-0708 


Gabys flower shop directory   Gaby's Flower Shop, fresh local and exotic flowers for all occasions including weddings.   8937-8486

gap directory   Gap Equity Loans, legal lenders and investors are here to help you finish that project.   8888-0003

g   Guanamar,   hotel, restaurant,   2656-0054

gusto beach directory   Gusto Beach Restaurant, a fantastic restaurant, and bar right on the beach, live music, daily specials, happy hour.   2656-0252

gusto beach store directory   Gusto Store, high quality and unique fashions for her and him, beach, casual, evening wear and accessories.   2656-0252

gyrocopter directory   Gyrocopter Tours Samara, an amazing experience you will never forget, once in a lifetime tour.   8330-3923


horizon magazine directory   The Horizon magazine, Discover the amazing people, nature, and businesses of Samara and Carrillo.   Office: 2656-2424

horse jungle directory   Horse Jungle Tours, Tours from 2 1/2 hours to a full day visit jungle, several beaches on healthy horses.   8650-1606

horse paradise directory   Horse Paradise Tours, 2-4 hours in the mountains and end at Carrillo Beach on beautiful and happy horses.   2656-0584

hotel playa samara directory   Hotel Playa Samara, economical and newly renovated hotel, new pool, a/c, there is a common kitchen too.   2656-0190

h   Hotel Samara Beach,   hotel,   2656-0218

h   Hotel Samara Inn,   hotel,   2656-0482

h   Hula Jungla,   restaurant,   2656-1118


ice directory   ICE,   phone, electricity, internet.   Samara 2656-0975, 24hr emergency 2657-5062, Nicoya 2685-5166

i   Iguana Verde,   grocery store,   2656-1098

intercultura directory   Intercultura Language School, want to hable Espanol? Why not learn on the beach in beautiful Samara.   2656-3000


jc store directory   JC Store,  Bikinis, beachwear, and accessories handmade in Samara. Custom orders welcome.   8726-8687 or 8324-2557

j   Jardin Marino,   restaurant,   2656-0934

j   Jungle Art CR,    8375-3629


k   Kalimba,   hotel,   2656-0929

kau cafe directory   Kau Cafe, More than just coffee. Open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Excellent Italian bakery and dining.   8448-8722

kibans directory   Kiban's Surf Hostel, right downtown, board rentals and surf tours, shared kitchen, games room with pool table.   2201-9464

k   Koss Art Gallery,   art,   2656-0284

k   Kunterbunt,   hostel,   2656-0235


l   La Bomba,   gas station 4km out of town,   2656-1254

l  La Dolce Vita,   restaurant, hotel,   2656-3371

la isla surf school directory   La Isla Surf School, a great surf school to learn to surf and enjoy the warm tropical waters of Samara beach.   8860-8921

la mansion directory   La Mansion B&B, famous for an amazing breakfast and the little art gallery, rooms w/ a/c, private baths, hot water.   2656-0165

la p tite ecole directory   La P'tite Ecole, Scolarité complète pour vos enfants, Maternelle d’inspiration Montessori, École primaire, Collège.   8657-8512

la reserva directory   La Reserva Camaronal, a Planned community with ocean and mountain view lots. All permissions in place.   8704-0027

la vida verde directory    La Vida Verde Lavanderia, wash and fold laundry service offering same day, next day service, and delivery.   2656-1051

landco directory   LandCo, Boutique Law Firm specialized in exceptional Real Estate Legal Services.   2201-6431

l   Las Perlitas Boutique Hotel,   6471-1111

lavanderia samarena directory   Lavanderia Samarena, wash and fold laundry service, express or next day, pick up and delivery included.   2656-3226

l   Leyenda,   hotel, restaurant,   2656-0381

lo que hay directory   Lo Que Hay, beachfront restaurant serving breakfast, lunch, dinner, daily drink and meal deal specials.   2656-0811

l   Locanda,   hotel, restaurant,   2656-0036

lodge las ranas directory   Lodge Las Ranas, hilltop hotel with ocean and mountain views, pool and restaurant.   2656-0609

luv burger directory   Luv Burger, a vegan restaurant on the beach serving up fantastic meals, desserts, and snacks, special events too.   2656-3348


madhuvan directory   Madhuvan Monastery Cabins & Cultural Tour, a Hindu (Gaudiya) monastery located 20 minutes from Samara.   8738-0606

majestic directory   Majestic Imaging Website Development, New websites, hosting, e-commerce,problem-solving and much more.

mama gui directory   Mama Gui, a fantastic gourmet restaurant featuring homemade pasta and cheeses, house-cured meats and more.   2656-2347

manage my property 2018 directory   Manage My Property, Short-term Vacation, Long-term Rentals and Property Management.   8981-2771

manana directory   Manana Tours, the U.S. captain has been fishing these coastal water for over 25 years.   8868-7385

m   Mano Hombre Massage,    8376-0822

m   Mareas Surf Shop & Cafe,   surf shop, cafe,   2656-1181

m   Mariposa,   hostel,   2656-0314

m   Matilori,   hostel,   2656-0291

m   Maxou,   restaurant,   8469-2485

m  Mareas Academy,   private school,   2656-2347

micro bar directory   MicroBar, serving up a variety of locally brewed beers in a trendy environment with great music and daily specials.   8342-6740

m   Mirador,   hotel,   2656-0044

montana directory   Montana Samara Estates, a 280 acre gated community just 12 minutes from the beach.   2453-5037

montelaguna directory   Montelaguna Boutique Hotel & Restaurant, Quite with an Italian restaurant, pool and all the desirable amenities.   2656-1150

m   MP Realty,   real estate company,   2656-0850


n   Nammbu,   hotel,   4002-1414

n   National Car Rental,   rentals,    2656-3386

n   Nirvana Tattoo,   8539-1458


octopus tour directory   Octopus Tour,   Snorkeling, Fishing, Dolphin and Sunset tours plus transportation.   8574-5757 or 8638-2320

o   Oh La La restaurant,   restaurant.   2656-0461

o   Olas Beach Bar,   bar,   8596-1188

osa water directory   Osa Water Works, professional well and water systems for home, developments, and commercial.   8704-0027

outback new logo directory   Outback Tours and Shuttles, ATV tours from 2-5 hours, rentals by the day or long-term and shuttle services.   2656-3424


pampering directory   Pampering by Shirley, economical open-air beach massage, mani. & pedi. service, why not pamper yourself.   8350-1760

p   Paraiso Pizza,   restaurant,   2656-1178

patos directory   Pato's Surf School, surf lessons, surfboard and SUP rentals, kayak tours, what better way to enjoy Samara beach.   8373-2281

p   Peace & Lodge,   hotel,   8741-4409

peaks arenal magazine directory   The Peaks magazine, Discover the fantastic Arenal area.   Advertising: 2656-2424

peaks monteverde magazine directory   The Peaks magazine, Discover the wonderful nature of the Monteverde area.   Advertising: 2656-2424

princesa directory   Princesa Bakery, fresh bread and pastry, daily lunch specials, special occasions cakes, ice cream and more.   8501-5624  

private spanish directory   Private Spanish Lessons, conversational Spanish lessons for all ages.   2656-0318

p    Pura Paleta Gourmet Pops,   8367-6401


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radio samara directory   Radio Samara Enjoy the best mix of Reggae, Rock, Country, Blues, Jazz, Classical and more.   Office: 2656-2424

r   Rancho de la Playa,   hotel,   2656-0573

rentals in samara directory   Rentals in Samara, vacation rentals for a long and short-term in Samara and surrounding areas.   8383-9333

r   Roots Bakery,   cafe,   8917-3134


samara adventure directory   Samara Adventure Company, transportation and tours such as hiking, kayaking, surf, dolphins and turtles.   2656-0920

samara beach bible directory   Samara Beach Bible Church, service is held every Sunday.   8487-1859

s   Samara Deep Sea Fishing,   8683-8715

s   Samara Fit,   trainers,   8640-0178

s   Samara Gym,   gym,   8359-5045

s   Samara Hostel,   hostel,   2656-3372

s   Samara Hot Properties,   real estate,   2656-1212

samara hot vacations directory   Samara Hot Vacations, long and short-term vacation rentals.    8359-5045

samara local fishing directory   Samara Local Fishing, fishing and only fishing, nearshore and deep sea, focused on you catching.   8909-8366

samara massage center directory   Samara Massage Center, 6 climate controlled rooms and massages at 4pm, 5:30pm and 7pm, perfect for groups. 2656-0491  

samara organics directory   Samara Organics, all things organic, healthy and environmentally friendly products, Tuesday farmers market.   2656-3046

s    Samara Pacific Lodge,   hotel   2656-1033

samara pacific school directory new     Samara Pacific School, private school offering a mix of locals and expats from K-6.   2656-0897

samara palm lodge directory    Samara Palm Lodge, a small cozy hotel with 8 rooms, a/c, pool, lounge area and honesty bar.   2656-1169

s   Samara Property Company,   real estate,   2656-2222

s    Samara Rentals   8939-3418

samara sea tours directory   Samara Sea Tours, fun kayak and snorkeling tours, river mangrove kayaking, dolphin watching, and fishing tours.   8885-3416

samara sjo directory   Samara-SJO Shopping Service, local shopping service delivering to Samara from San Jose.   8359-5045

s   Samara Sushi,   restaurant,   2656-2261

samara tattoo directory   Samara Tattoo, professional, clean with custom and unique artwork, fine line specialist.   8736-2329

samara trails directory   Samara Trails, a guided nature hike in the dry tropical rain forest just 10 minutes from Samara.   2656-0920

dr freddy directory   Dr. Marisa,   Samara Vet,   8328-5687

samara water cycling co directory   Samara Water Cycling Co., Water bikes and Jet ski rentals in Samara.   8359-7777

s   Shanna's Boutique,   shopping,   2656-0631

sloth surf turf directory   Sloth Surf & Turf, adventure surfing 2hr, 1/2 & full day trips based out of Samara for experienced surfers only!,   8318-9375

s   Soda la Plaza,   soda, hotel,   8986-2245

s   Sol Samara,   hotel,   2656-1400

samara spay directory   Spay & Neuter Clinic, a clinic three times a year to help control the pet population, volunteers/donations needed.   8457-9945

sub express directory   Sub Express,   The #1 Sub & Deli shop in Samara.  Gourmet meats, cheese, and homemade bread.   8373-0220

s   Sunset Chillout,   B&B,   6280-7337

s   Super Samara,   grocery,   2656-0028

s   Super San Rafael,   grocery,   2656-2122

s   Samara Treehouse Inn,   hotel,   2656-0733


tefl directory   TEFL Costa Rica, learn to teach English as a second language and travel the world.   2656-2362

t   The Hideaway,   hotel,   2656-1145

t   The Juice Truck,   juice,   8583-2288

t   The Logan,   hotel,   2656-2435

 the relaxation directory   The Relaxation Spot, massage in an open-air beachfront studio or in your home.   6158-5641

t   Ticos Surf School,   surf school,   8705-2304

time 4 health directory   Time 4 Health, Medical Massage Therapy with Michael Bulaman, In office or out-call.   8357-7777

tours piscis directory   Tours Piscis, local family run snorkeling, dolphin watching, fishing and sunset tour company.   2656-1008, 8939-3170

transodir directory   TransOdir, private shuttle service, airport pick up, destination to destination transportation.   8712-7585

tropical garden directory          Tropical Garden Cooking School, make your favorite Costa Rica foods, hands-on and you eat what you make.   8320-2358


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vanessa photographer directory3   Portraits by Venusian, capturing your story as a human being, not just a photo. 

villas espavel directory   Villas Espavel, quiet and comfortable hotel next to a river with a pool, a/c and several cabins to choose from.   8724-8714

villas playa samara directory   Villas Playa Samara Beachfront All Inclusive Resort. Deluxe Rooms, Villas and Day Passes,   2656-2424

villas verdes directory   Villas Verdes Boutique Hotel, a private compound with several 1 and 2 bedrooms apartments, pool, a/c.   2201-9039


waterworld flyboarding directory   Waterworld Flyboarding, hover, fly, spin, twirl and flip 30' in the air above the water then dive like a dolphin.   8919-7198

wingnuts directory   Wingnuts Canopy Tour, the local zip line that is fun for the whole family of all ages, a great activity.   26560153


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z   Zeta gas,   propane,   8739-7604

zoom magazine driectory   The Zoom magazine, Discover all the Nicoya Peninsula of Costa Rica has to offer.   Advertising: 2656-2424