About the Info Center, Samara & Carrillo

About the Info Center

After living in Samara for 5 years, Brenda realized that both residents and visitors were unaware of the amazing array of local offerings, ranging from community events and activities to comfortable and welcoming restaurants, bars and tourist accommodations. So, in 2011, Brenda, armed only with her information binder and famous smile, set up a folding table on the street near the town entrance and began to wave at everyone passing by. A car stopped, the driver asked for a hotel recommendation and in no time, the Samara-Carrillo Info Center was born.

Originally from Mexico, equipped with a Marketing degree from Boston, Brenda is the powerhouse behind the Info Center. She responds to each and every inquiry, resolving any problem quickly and with her topnotch smile. As the volume of inquiries grew, Brenda enlisted the support of her husband, Christopher, and the rest is Info Center history. The reviews on TripAdvisor speak for themselves.

Today, the main focus of the Info Center remains unchanged; we offer free advice and assistance to visitors and affordable low advertising rates to support the success and growth of local businesses. The Info Center has also become known as a reliable leader for information concerning all destinations in Costa Rica.

For 9 years from our office, we provided free and useful resources such as bus schedules, detailed driving directions, free maps, an up-to-date events calendar, and restaurant recommendations. To help our community, clients, and advertisers even better and more efficiently, late in 2019 we have streamlined our procedures and made plans to move our office 100% online. Our new virtual office saves the clients time as they do not need to stand in line to see us and speeds up our replies because of fewer interruptions. We really do enjoy being of service and look forward to helping more people, more efficiently so please do not hesitate to contact us.

About Samara & Carrillo

Under a perfect Samara sky, only 9.8 degrees above the equator, the pace of life here slows down to a relaxed beat. If you’re interested in spending time on the beach with your toes in the sand and watching the waves roll in while having great conversations with old and new friends, consider Samara your new home.

Samara is located about one hour south of Nicoya and offers one of Costa Rica’s most beloved beaches. A reef protects the long crescent-shaped strip of sand from strong waves, making it safe for swimming, surfing, snorkeling, and kayaking. Playa Samara is a small, but lively community, blissfully off the beaten path and still somewhat undiscovered.

Playa Samara offers an impressive variety of amenities including dental and medical services, a police station, a post office, two major banks, and utility offices. There are also plenty of food and shopping opportunities. When stepping out, you have a choice of typical or international, beach or street front restaurants, bars and clubs, and even adventure tours when you’re not relaxing on our blue flag beach waiting for the sensational sunset.

Samara Beach and Carrillo Beach host the best of Costa Rica’s outdoor adventures. Consider surfing, hiking, caving, mountain biking, bird watching, zip-lining, horseback riding, motorized sports vehicles, bicycle rentals, nearshore and deep-sea fishing, snorkeling, or kayaking. Or, take a day trip to a natural hot spring, an active volcano, or a local village known for artisans’ crafts. There are ongoing local festivals and events in the province of Guanacaste, so check our Calendar of Events to see what is happening during your stay and take a peek at life in Samara and Carrillo in our Photo Gallery tab.

There is a common thread that connects the many people who have moved to Costa Rica. They share a passion for adventure, but they also desire to live at a slower pace where it feels possible to positively impact their community, the country, and the world.

The town of Samara is directly on the beach, a mere three blocks wide and two blocks deep. Playa Samara has about 400 residents (with 14,000 living in the surrounding region). After a few days, you will begin to recognize faces. After a week, you will have new friends. And after two weeks, you will start to notice the new arrivals in town. You might even consider never leaving!

The rainy season typically runs from July to November. However, with the exception of the heavy October rains, you will likely enjoy a sunny morning, a clear evening, and a refreshing afternoon shower. During the dry season, the temperature can reach +37c (about 100f); despite the cool tropical breeze, the reflection off the sand and water is powerful. So best to stay on the side of caution and use a good sunscreen and always have water with you to stay hydrated.

Samara beach is within walking distance of three other beaches including the spectacular and tranquil, Playa Carrillo. It is only 7 km from Samara and deemed a favorite among Costa Ricans and the best beach in the country in our opinion. The beach is truly a tropical paradise, lined by palm trees with no sign of development. The little fishing village of Carrillo, with a population of 200, is located on a hill overlooking the bay known for world-class sport fishing. On a typical weekend, you will see many boats anchored in the bay’s small inlet. Similar to Playa Samara, Carrillo has a coral reef that protects the beach and offers safe swimming, surfing, and snorkeling.

You can’t go wrong with Playa Samara or Playa Carrillo.

Playa Samara and Playa Carrillo - a good place to be!