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Tropical Cooking Class

  • 3pm
  • Other times available by request
  • Dinner
  • Out of Town
  • Credit Cards Not Accepted

Learn how to make your favorite Costarican meals. This is 100% hands-on experience and you get to eat what you make.

You can choose from Vegetarian or meat dishes using the freshest and mainly organic products.

Learn nutritional and wellness cooking using exotic local herbs, spices, fruits, and veggies.

Samara is in 1 of 5 Blue Zone areas and a reason for that is meal selection.


Speciality Cultural or Nutritional classes are available.

Cultural cooking class:  It is for people looking beyond the usual sightseeing attractions by offing the opportunity to experience something interesting, different and unforgettable. The hands-on cultural cooking class is designed to help you dive deep into the fascinating side of Costa Rica’s food heritage. Based on foods that are in season, the menu may include some of the following dishes: typical breakfast with coffee choriada, Casados, chicken or fish casserole, coconut chicken with lemon leaves, tortillas, empanadas or cheese sticks, seafood dishes, ceviche, fajitas with a secret sauce and tamales. 

Nutritional cooking class: It is designed to help you on the road to wellness starting with healthier food options. Using the freshest local ingredients, you will learn healthy cooking habits that you can incorporate into your everyday life. They are healthy, low cholesterol, nutrient-packed, and most importantly.....incredibly tasty! It is the instructor's wish that you leave the class with the tools you need to feel younger, happier, and healthier. The menu will be selected in advance and include some of the following dishes: green juices using wild herbs and weeds, delicious smoothies with tropical fruits, detoxing waters, and lemonades, exotic salads with seeds, seaweed, and lots of raw veggies, veggie burgers, hummus, chimichurri, guacamole, veggie stews, almond milk, low-fat banana-chocolate ice cream and much more. 

Breakfast in the Jungle class at 8 am where we will prepare a traditional breakfast and Costa Rican coffee choriada, empanadas and a fresco incl. a walk in my garden.


Vegetarian and carnivore classes available 

All classes are kept small with a maximum of 5 people.

Special requests are welcome. 

Classes can be in English, Spanish or German.

  • Lots of hands-on fun and learning
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner courses available (duration 3 hours)
  • Groups from 1-5 people
  • Classes include: tropical garden tour
  • Bonfire cook-outs 6-20 people
  • Private classes available
  • Party catering
  • English, Spanish & German spoken