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After already booking our trip to Costa Rica with another company my boyfriend met Brenda on a outing to Samara. Although we were having a fun time in Costa, we wanted to stay in another hotel ( our’s was filled with ants and mosquitoes) for our last couple nights. Brenda showed us brochures from nearby hotels that were in our price range (inexpensive). Chris was even kind enough to drive us around (we looked at four ) till we found the perfect little charming boutique hotel ” The Samara Palm Lodge” to spend our last bug free nights in. Samara-info Center even booked our transport to the airport on a shuttle which saved us $145 over the private shuttle we took on our arrival. I have to mention that every hotel we looked at that night Chris was met with absolute warmth and kindness from every manager/owner. They are extremely knowledgeable about the in’s and out of Costa Rica for tours, hotels and so much more! We are definitely contacting them for our next trip and hope this will help others!