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This information center made me feel like everything would be just perfect. My young daughter and I arrived in Samara not knowing much. We had booked a room before we left the U.S. at a place that turned out to be moldy and the grounds smelled like dog urine. I just couln’t stay there another night. I stopped at Samara Info Center and asked if they could recommend a room that fit my budget. They said yes, no problem. They were friendly, kind, and efficient and they found us a wonderful place for only $5 more than the last place and it was beautiful, clean, friendly, the best compared to the previous place. We went back almost daily to book tours, and ask questions. Christopher and Brenda went well beyond their line of duty. Brenda took a lot of time with me and didn’t ask for a penny. I felt safe knowing they were there to help me. They are truly kind compassionate people. Also Brenda speaks both fluent Spanish and English. Wonderful!!