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It’s not that easy to find and that’s a shame. It should be festooned with banners and a big glowing arrow that says Samara’s Ambassadors of Hospitality. But don’t let the modest little room fool you. Brenda and Chris are a wealth of info, suggestions, and Costa Rica laid back charm. We were referred to them by our rental house host and I wish I had found them earlier in the week. They set up two trips for us on the wonderful Palo Verde boat tour and the Werner Sauter Biological Reserve nature hike. And when my stubborn “had to drive myself” got lost in the back woods of Cost Rica on the way to the boat tour, Brenda guided me to the location over the cell phone herself. Chris is a great enthusiastic resource for what live music is playing in the town each night and they both have plenty of restaurant suggestions with discount cards. They both clearly love Samara and what they do. And rather then a job, it seemed more like they were having fun to me. And that’s just plain awesome.