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We randomly walked into the Samara info center when we were in Samara in January, and I must say that Chris & Brenda were some of the most helpful people I met on my 3 week trip to Costa Rica. I asked them many questions about many different things and they could answer everyone. The best part about their service is that I found they were not trying to sell you anything, they were just trying to help. It would have been very easy for them to sell me their own shuttle service and make a big commission, however they gave me all the options available to me and even mentioned if I did not want to spend a lot, I could take a public bus and laid out how easy it truly was for me. I was very impressed at how nice this couple is and would recommend them to anyone traveling to or who are in Samara. PS, Pick up one of their discount cards, they are great…And try Cafe Esmeralda.