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I can’t say enough about how helpful these people were. We arrived in Samara mid Nov for our first winter away from home. When we arrived, we hadn’t met very many people that spoke English, but one couple in our condo unit (who became friends) told us about the Info Center and how much help Brenda and Christopher would be. So we went there the next day to inquire about various tours, etc, but they were also a wealth of information on things not related to tours, accommodations, restaurants, etc. One great example is: when my husband and I were coming up close to our 90 days and needed to leave the country, I called Brenda and she arranged everything for us to take a trip to Nicaragua and share the cost with several other people. We booked all of our own tours with them and made sure that all the guests we had visiting us went to see them as well. It costs nothing for the information they give, so please book everything possible through Samara & Carrillo Info Centre. Cheers, Nat their websited is: www.samarainfocenter.com or www.carrilloinfocenter.com