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WaterWorld Flyboarding

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WaterWorld Flyboarding is an amazing and fun adventure activity from mild to wild, it's all up to you!

The experianced team at WaterWorld will have you trained and hovering above the water in 5-10 minutes and by following their expert instructions you will be having a blast at heights of up to10 meters, spinning, twirling, flipping and diving below the surface like a dolphin while completely under the control of the WaterWorld Jetski pilot. The better your balance and athletic abilities the wilder the experience, however, a mild ride is still a super fun experience. 

Flyboarding is fun and easy to learn for most ages. 

Attached to your feet is a waterjet that receives water pressure from the crew, you give the signal and you will go higher, up to 32 feet (10m) You do control your direction of travel and rotation just like being on a skateboard or snowboard. Think you got skills? Give it a try, challenge your friends.

The attentive crew provides instruction, life vest, helmet, and a floating platform on the water. 

You will look great in photos and this is the perfect opportunity to use that GoPro.

 Are you ready to do something different?


Flyboarding Key Components

25 minutes of pure adrenaline, longer times available.

Fly over the water with a propulsion system similar to the Ironman character

Propulsion is controlled by WaterWorld staff.

Flyboarding is very comfortable and easy to learn.

Less than 5 minutes to rise into the air and enjoy this innovative and unparalleled activity.

Saftey equipment provided.



Q: How is the Flyboarding actually propelled?

A: The Flyboard is propelled by the power of the Jet Ski, A hose connected from the output shaft of the Jet Ski to the Flyboard footboard creates the pressure the provides lift, This pressure is controlled by the Jet Ski pilot.

Q: How much does the Jey Ski move the Flyboard?

A: None whatsoever. Once the hose is connected the Jet Ski does not move, the flyer does.

Q: What health circumstances would prohibit someone from riding?

A: Serious back or knee issues. However, you can still fly on reduced power of your injuries are minor.

Q: Do I need to be a strong swimmer?

A: No. You will have a life vest so non-swimmers are welcome but the more comfortable you are in the water the better it is.

Q: What is the depth of the water?

A: A minimum of 8' is recommended.

Q: Who controls how much power and how high the Flyboard goes? 

A: The amount of pressure is controlled by the WaterWorld staff aboard the Jet Ski, The flyer can control the height and direct by balancing and leaning.

Let us know if we can answer any other questions. 

  • Training
  • Safety equipment
  • Fly 32 feet in the air
  • Dive under the water
  • Spin, twirl, flip
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