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Samara Sea Tours

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Are you looking for something exciting to keep you occupied in between sunbathing sessions at Samara Beach?  Then jump aboard a Samara Sea Tours adventure and join Captain Marcos Jimenez for the ocean experience of a lifetime!


Samara Sea Tours is a family-run company based in Playa Samara, specializing in planning educational and culturally immersive tours that cater directly to your individual needs. Whether you are traveling in a group, as a family, or as a lone adventurer, we will do everything we can to ensure that you are touring in comfort and style!

Alongside the captain, our tour guides have over 15 years of experience working in the tourism industry and can offer tours in English, Spanish, and German. We know the best locally kept secrets for a wildlife viewing to ensure that you have the finest experience during your stay in our piece of paradise. Let Samara Sea Tours help you discover the hidden mysteries that lie beneath the surface of the Pacific Ocean!


Meet our Team

  • Marcos Jimenez: 35 years of experience as a sea captain; leads the Spanish speaking tours
  • Alfredo Jimenez: Son of Marcos; Bachelor’s Degree in Tourism from the Autonomous University of Central America; Bachelor’s Degree in English Teaching from the Universidad Latina; leads English and Spanish speaking tours
  • Adonis Matarrita: Son-in-law of Marcos; leads Spanish speaking tours; assistant Captain to Marcos
  • Jhonder Castillo: Lives in Samara; Studied architecture at the Universidad Latina; leads English and Spanish speaking tours
  • Claudio Auruz: Lives in Samara; English training certification from INA (Instituto Nacional de Aprendizaje); leads English, Spanish, and German-speaking tours
  • Andy Ruiz: Lives in Samara; English training certification from the INA (Instituto Nacional de Aprendizaje); leads English and Spanish speaking tours


Our Exclusive Tours

  • Deep-Sea Fishing Tours: Catch your own dinner with us! If you’re a sportsman (or woman), looking to be at one with the food chain, consider this tour to try your hand at fishing. Our most frequent catches include Red Snapper, Mahi Mahi, Yellow Fin Tuna, Mackerel, and Jackfish.


  • Dolphin and Whale Tours: I hope you’re ready to speak whale! Get sun-kissed with us on this leisurely boat tour to view pods of our favorite, gregarious marine mammal friends.  Please Note: Whale viewings are dependent on migratory patterns, so please inquire in advance!


  • Kayak Rentals: More interested in an independent excursion? Feel free to take charge and choose your own adventure at Samara Beach by renting kayaks from us at our location at Choco’s Surf School.


  • Ocean Kayaking and Snorkeling: Plunge deeper under the surface to view our local schools of tropical fish, stingrays, turtles, and more! During this tour, you will kayak to the Isla Chora, located directly off the coast of Samara Beach, for some top-notch snorkeling.


  • River Kayaking: Explore Rio Oro and learn about the abundance of wildlife hidden amongst the thickets of mangroves outside of Samara Beach! You’ll be amazed at what you might find lurking amongst the mysterious depths of the forest, including the elegant blue heron, and its cousin the tiger heron.


  • Sea Turtle Tours: Take part in a 220 million-year-old tradition! Nearby turtle landings and baby turtle hatching can be found at Camaronal National Park or Ostional National Park. By the end of this tour, we will have you sounding like the beloved turtle Crush from Finding Nemo, “We were like ‘whoa’, and then we were like ‘whoa’, and then we were like ‘whoa’”.

Please Note: If you’re lucky, your trip will be in sync with the famous arribada event. Each month, hundreds to thousands of Olive Ridley sea turtles nest over the duration of one week at Ostional Beach. The scale of this type of event is found at only seven beaches around the world, and is a must-see if the timing is right!


  • Sunset Tours: Join us as the sky erupts into spectacle colors! We have the best view of this daily event from our secluded spot in the Pacific Ocean. This tour will make you feel like you’re smack dab in the middle of Van Gogh’s paint pallet.



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