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At OSA WATER WORKS we are all about the water: supply, control, engineering and design, permitting, construction, treatment, operations, and maintenance.  We offer comprehensive solutions to water and wastewater challenges at the residential, commercial, and municipal scales.  If it has to do with water, Osa Water Works is on it!

Supply:  Bored and artisanal wells, springs, streams, and rainfall capture.

Distribution:  From a single home to a subdivision, OWW provides engineering, permitting, and construction services to ensure optimal distribution, pumping, storage, pipeline design, pressure relief, water metering, and service connection stubs.

Permitting:  Setena, Direction of Waters, Senara, College of Engineers and Architects, Municipalities, Asadas:  Bored-well drilling permits, D1 and D2 potable water concessions, D1 irrigation, and aquacultural permits, hydroelectric water concessions, environmental impact assessments, engineering permits, building permits, plus supplemental reporting:  salt-water intrusion, well-interference, fixed radius setback exceptions, soil testing, forestry engineering.

Treatment:  We sell and install three-module (particle, activated carbon, and UV disinfection) home filtration systems for individual homes, as well as auto-backwash sand filters, water softening systems, reverse osmosis, plus intake pre-filtration systems for streams and rainfall capture.  We offer custom-engineered treatment trains for condos, hotels, and industry.

Irrigation:  Drip and spray irrigation systems for orchards, row plants, greenhouses, and lawns, automated and optimized to reduce losses.

Hydroelectric:  Both grid-tie and independent hydro systems, design, engineering, permitting, construction and maintenance.

Municipal:  Form own asada, connect to existing asada, negotiations to join municipal systems and stay out of them, alternatives for building permitting, and real estate due diligence.

Wastewater Management:  septic and greywater management, including conventional septic, aerated septic, mounded systems, package plants, and constructed wetlands for private homes, hotels, condos, and subdivisions.

Osa Water Works has been in operations since 2000 and is a founding member of Osa Group, which specializes in infrastructure:  water, power, roads, and waste management.   

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