Garden and Landscape Design Services

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    Andy has extensive experience in tropical gardens and would like to assist you in developing your dream garden or landscape, making desired improvements, or solve aesthetic or technical landscape issues. A great inspiration (and friend) was the Brazilian garden designer Roberto Burle Marx but he has studied gardens around the world and worked in numerous famous gardens culminating in graduate school for landscape architecture (Cornell University).

    His family has owned a house in Carrillo for thirty years and understands the area and climate well.

    Landscape plans range from sketches and written instructions to drawings and specifications detailed enough for competitive bidding by landscape contractors or
    for use by your own gardener or staff (we do not install landscapes).

    Let him know how he can help! He can work remotely with architectural plans (new construction, etc.), site plans, and photos but prefer to schedule a visit to your
    property for a first-hand look.

    Experience includes all types of landscapes from residential to commercial and institutional.


    • Sketches and written instructions to drawings
    • Remote with architectural plans
    • Site plans
    • Residential to commercial and institutional