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Grupo GAP LLC SRL, a Costa Rican company founded in 2008. We specialize in brokering secured equity loans & providing funding for borrowers in Costa Rica. (Registration No. 3-102-753653)

Gap Equity Loans bridge the financial gap between where you are today and where you want to be tomorrow by offering secured loans. We assess your needs & present solutions suited to you.

When starting a project in Costa Rica many people run into final costs which are higher than expected, no matter how much budget preparation was done. This is where Gap Equity Loans can help. Get that extra cash needed to complete your hotel, B&B, or restaurant & open in a cash positive situation. The same is true for doing home renovations, buying a second home or a new car. We offer emergency medical loans.



Obtaining an equity loan with Gap Equity Loans is a lot easier than you might think. There are far fewer obstacles than a traditional Costa Rican bank loan. We offer personal service and are truly invested in your success. Using equity, you have invested in your home or business, a loan can help to achieve any number of financial goals. With amounts from $50,000 to $350,000 and a typical timeframe from 6 to 36 months.

Open a Small Business

Purchase a second home or rental unit

Home Renovations

College/Graduate School

New Vehicle

Medical Bills

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For more detailed information about Gap Equity Loans please click here go to the Gap Equity Loans website & contact them today!



Do you have money that you would like to invest without taking the risk or hassles of investing in a business? Would you like to earn a high return? Gap Investments. is what you're looking for.

Gap Investments is NOT an investment fund. You will not be investing in a fund where other people decide where the money goes — you are lending to a specific borrower in Costa Rica. All mortgage contracts are between borrowers & lenders. In the case of multiple lenders, a numbered holding company owned by the lenders can be created, with each individual lender's name present on the contract for additional protection. The strength of Gap Investments is in identifying high-value investments, evaluating risk, presenting them to investors & brokering the loans.

Gap Investments operates by:

1. Performing a very strict due diligence process in order for a loan to qualify.

2. Assuring a good loan-to-value ratio (all loans are under 50% of appraised value) disclosed to lenders.

3. Making sure investors are protected either by a mortgage lien in the case of smaller home equity loans, or a title transfer in the case of larger loans. When there are multiple lenders, a holding company is typically formed by the lenders for an individual mortgage which is used exclusively to represent the lenders

4. Working within Costa Rican laws & regulations

5. Choosing reputable professionals & advisers: attorneys, accountants, title insurance companies, banks, appraisers, surveyors, and developers.

6. Making sure the lenders are fully protected while being fair with the borrowers as well. (to date Gap has had no foreclosures!)

  • Equity Loans
  • Small Business
  • Large Developments
  • Home Renovations
  • Land Acquisition
  • Debt Consolidation
  • College/Graduate School
  • New Vehicle
  • Dream Vacation
  • Weddings
  • Medical Emergencies
  • Investment Growth
  • Competitive Rates
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