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Tropical Garden Cooking School

Breakfast Class @ 8-11 am Lunch Classes @ 11 am-2 pm Dinner Classes at 3-6 pm 1 person: $140 2 people: $80/person 3 people: $70/person 4 people: $65/person 5 people: $65/person 6 people: $60/person Prepayment needed Taxes not included
  • Breakfast
  • Lunch
  • Dinner
  • Out of Town
  • Credit Cards Not Accepted
*Transportation not incluced
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Christine invites you to see, taste, smell and cook with her in her tropical garden home. She looks forward to showing you why she loves Costa Rica and why she chose to live here for more than 20 years.

Located 5 minutes from Samara her home is in the jungle next to a river and surrounded by wildlife. You will hear and see many types of birds, monkeys, and butterflies. She also has a beautiful tropical garden with mango, lemon, star fruit, cacao trees and much more. Many of the herbs and roots used in class come straight from the garden. With a good knowledge of the local flora and fauna, she will answer any questions you have.

Cultural Cooking Classes

The Cultural Cooking Classes are for people looking beyond the usual sightseeing attractions by offing the opportunity to experience something interesting, different and unforgettable. The hands-on cultural cooking class is designed to help you dive deep into the fascinating side of Costa Rica’s food heritage. Based on foods in the season the menu will include some of the following dishes: typical breakfast with coffee choriada, Casados, chicken or fish casserole, coconut chicken with lemon leaves, tortillas, empanadas or cheese sticks, seafood dishes, ceviche, and fajitas with Christine’s secret sauce and tamales. Classes are kept small at a maximum of 5 people to keep it private. Special requests are welcome, please ask at the time of booking. Prices vary depending on the number of people.

Nutritional Cooking Classes

The Nutritional Cooking Classes are designed to help you on the road to a healthier lifestyle. Using the freshest local ingredients, you will learn healthy cooking habits that you can incorporate into your everyday life. They are healthy, low cholesterol, nutrient-packed, and most importantly…..incredibly tasty! It is Christine’s wish that you leave the class with the tools you need to feel younger, happier, and healthier. The menu will be selected in advance and include some of the following dishes: green juices using wild herbs and weeds, delicious smoothies with tropical fruits, detoxing waters, and lemonades, exotic salads with seeds, seaweed, and lots of raw veggies, veggie burgers, hummus, chimichurri, guacamole, veggie stews, almond milk, low-fat banana-chocolate ice cream and much more. Classes are kept small at a maximum of 6 people to keep it private. Special requests are welcome, please ask at the time of booking. Prices vary depending on the number of people.

Breakfast in the Jungle Cooking Class

The Breakfast in the Jungle Cooking Class at 8 am where we will prepare a traditional breakfast and Costa Rican coffee choriada, empanadas, and a fresco incl. a walk in my garden.

Food Safari Shopping Tour

Have you been in the stores and seen some unfamiliar spices, drinks, fruits, vegetables, or cuts of meats and didn’t know what to do with them?

Do you know where you get the freshest cheese and fish or how to order a specific cut of beef?

Learn this and so much more. Have all your ingredients and preparation questions answered on this unique, fun, educational Food Safari Shopping Tour in Samara

Morning safari lasts 2 hours

1 person $35/person, 2 or more with a maximum of 5 people $20 each.


The Cultural Cooking and the Nutritional Cooking Classes can be brought to your vacation rental if you prefer.

Cultural Cooking Classes are available for groups of 1-6 people. 1 person $140, 2 people $80/person, 3 people $70/person, 4 people $65/person, 5 people $65/person, and 6 people $60/person.

Bonfire Outdoor Cooking Classes are available for groups of up to 20. Christine will provide delicious meals cooked on a wood fire if you want an unforgettable Costa Rica dining experience!

Map of location: click here

English, Spanish & German spoken

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  • Lots of hands-on fun and learning
  • Food Shopping Safari
  • Breakfast classes
  • Lunch classes
  • Dinner classes
  • Bonfire cooking class
  • Classes 3 hours
  • Groups from 1-6 people
  • Classes include: tropical garden tour
  • Bonfire cook-outs 7-20 people
  • Private classes available
  • Party catering
  • English, Spanish & German spoken