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CREAR - Children Supplementary Education Program

  • Monday - Thursday
  • 10 am - 6 pm
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At CREAR, we strive to identify our community’s most pressing needs, and work to equip the people of Sámara with the necessary skills and resources to overcome them. As such, CREAR has implemented a unique set of programs set to make a profound impact on the lives of our children and teenagers living in the Sámara area, from Adult and Youth English Classes, to supplementary Art and Technology Classes, Women’s Empowerment Activities and Community Development Projects. While the tourism industry has created a stable economic focus in Guanacaste, it has simultaneously raised the cost of living exponentially. As such, a staggering 39% of people live in poverty in Guanacaste, among other social issues plaguing the region. These include a 13% high school graduation rate, an average school operating time of 3 to 4 hours a day, and only 7.5% of the local population attending university.

As an organization, CREAR believes firmly in the impact that supplementary education can have to help to combat this plethora of problems seen in the Guanacaste region. In 2015, CREAR logged over 1200 hours of programs, with nine different initiatives being carried out by our local staff, assisted with long-term volunteers and interns who over the course of the year logged over 4,000 hours of behind the scenes work to help sustain our efforts of providing and advertising for our programs at CREAR. Additionally, roughly 3,000 individuals were impacted by our different programs, in conjunction with the eight community development initiatives completed throughout the year. Each year, we aspire to expand our footprint in the local Sámara community, by impacting more individuals through the utilization of clearly defined programs in tune with the changing needs of our community.

As you come to know and love our beloved beach community of Sámara, we implore you to seek to make a lasting impact on the educational attainment of our youth by supporting our efforts of providing supplementary education at CREAR. Whether it be through donations of supplies, resources, monetary, or otherwise, we wholeheartedly appreciate the generous support of individuals visiting, residing, or vacationing in Playa Sámara, by bolstering the programs and initiatives set out by CREAR on a day to day basis.


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  • Free English, Art, and Technology classes for locals.
  • Girl’s Empowerment activities, In-School Assemblies & Community Workshops.
  • Long-term volunteer and internship opportunities.
  • Working with the children of the community.
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