Mama Gui Restaurant & Bar

  • Open Tuesday to Sunday
  • 5pm - 10pm
  • A/C
  • WiFi
  • Dinner
  • Delivery
  • Credit Cards Accepted


Newly renovated this stylishly decorated restaurant and bar bring NYC charm to Samara. Flamboyant wallpaper, wall graffiti, fully air-conditioned and soft-comfy pillows! It all works together to create an atmosphere that is chic, comfortable and inviting enough for you and your friends to enjoy for several hours while being treated to a wonderful experience.

This amazing restaurant features a cocktail bar designed specifically for showcasing the wonderful selection of designer cocktails perfect for before or after your meal or dine right at the bar with your friends for a casual and fun evening. Ladies come in for the best selection of tasty cocktails all made with fresh ingredients.

The restaurant menu reflects the chef Gigio Palazzo whose international experience spans from his native Italy to Greece, Great Britain, the United States and now Costa Rica.

The attentive staff will greet you at the door with a warm smile and make you feel like you are coming home, providing impeccable service and in-depth knowledge of the daily specials, menu, in-house made bread, meats, cheese, and the best accompanying wines or cocktails.   

The menu lists for starters the cheese plate, salads and tartar are a great introduction of what to expect for the rest of the evening.

The plates are beautifully presented and from the first bite to the last offer an amazing pallet of blended flavors combined with proper spicing, portions are sized perfectly so you are left feeling very satisfied.

Spicy honey herbs coated tuna loin, Spaghetti shrimp cherry tomatoes gorgonzola, blow torch marlin sashimi with side dishes of truffle parmesan patacones, beetroot arugula ginger are just a few dishes to make your decision what to order a tough one. I suggest to return often and work your way through the whole menu.

Along with the in-house organic cured meat and cured fresh fish, the menu offers vegetarian. It is perfectly balanced for any type of palate. Mama Gui strives to find and support organic food suppliers. Salads and Veggies are Hydroponic with NO chemicals! Great attention is addressed to Celiac customers.

To enhance your amazing dining experience even more Mama Gui offers quality wines and cocktail selections and Super Yummy Desserts and pastries that are made, in-house, and now adding to the in-house production they are making cheeses, curing their own meats as well as a selection of made fresh daily bread.

A great place for an evening coffee and dessert, or drink with friends Come and enjoy Mama Gui every night of the week.

Mama Gui has raised the bar on what dining well and healthy means in Samara. So the next time you want a great evening out in a comfortable atmosphere with food and drink prepared and served by professionals do it relaxing in the comfort of air-conditioning at Mama Gui.


Gigio is a member of “Best Chef of America”, James Beard Foundation and is a certified Gluten-Free chef.


Mama Gui is now offering Dine-At-Home service. One call and you can have an amazing dinner delivered directly to your door. Having guests and don’t want to cook? Not a problem, let Gigio and the team at Mama Gui prepare pizza, appetizers, main plates, and desserts so all you have to do is serve and the take credit. Call today and enjoy Mama Gui at home.


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Daily Dinner & Drink Specials

Speciality in mixed cocktails.

  • Dine-At-Home service
  • Amazing cocktail bar
  • Air conditioned comfortable setting
  • Free WiFi
  • All fresh, no chemicals!
  • Street-side Dinning
  • Available for Private Parties
  • Full Kitchen
  • Visit the Samara-Carrillo Info Center for a map
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