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Turtle Nesting Tour

  • Baby tour depends on hatching time
  • Nesting tours usually are in the evening
  • $45-$65/Adult depending on operator

A truly awe-inspiring experience. A private shuttle will pick you up at your hotel between 6 pm-7 pm (exact times may vary throughout the season) and take you to a nesting beach near Samara where you will be guided to watch turtles come ashore, dig nests, lay eggs and if you are lucky to see babies hatch.

In this area, turtles come ashore all-year-round. The tours usually are about 3 1/2 hours and are something you will remember for a lifetime and perfect for my ages.

* When it is a large arrival (Arribada) pick up times will be early morning or mid-afternoon.

* Tours are limited in frequency and space.

** If you are lucky you can see both the adults laying eggs and the babies going to sea on the same tour, but only if you are lucky.

• Bring footwear for walking
• Snacks or eat an early
• Jacket and hat in the rainy season
• English and Spanish speaking guide
• Camera with a red flash filter

  • Transportation provided
  • Park entrance included
  • Guide included
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