Macaw Breeding and Release Tour

Daily 3 pm (except Saturdays) Transportation included 4+ people: $75/adult 3 people: $90/adult 2 people: $100/adult Kids: $60/kids 5-12 Children under 5 free Reservations required
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Suitable for seniors and people with limited mobility

*note: there are stairs

These beautiful birds were almost gone from Costa Rica but with the help of this breeding and release program, the Scarlet Macaw is being reintroduced to the Nicoya peninsula and is making a strong comeback in Costa Rica.


Visit the facility, listen to a short educational talk, and see the released birds free in the wild. Have your camera ready.

Tours of this wonderful project happen at 3 p.m.


The tour starts with an introduction to your volunteer guide who will show you the facility, and give a talk about the Macaws, the breeding program, habitats, and habits. They will happily answer all your questions. Food samples, nest boxes, and information are on display. You will be introduced to breeding birds (when on display) and witness the feeding of the wild Macaws that have been released back into nature and return for a visit. Make sure you have your camera ready.

The program started with only 2 birds in 1992 in Costa Rica. Macaws have been released in the Punta Islita area since 2013. Scarlet macaws have been spotted in Carrillo since 2015 and flying over Samara since 2018 so keep your eyes open.

We have planted many hundred almond trees in the Samara area, with the hope of Scarlet Macaws becoming a common sight one day.

So when you are in the Samara and Carrillo please make the time to visit and support this important project and these beautiful birds.


Breeding, Release, Conversation & Education.

Reservation and prepayment are required.


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  • Educational Tour
  • Daily at 3 pm with transportation.